Casa Kash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Cabo Surf House Rental

Some of the best surf breaks are located 1/2 mile to 6 miles away from Casa Kash surf house rental.  The East Cape still offers uncrowded surf and at times you can find yourself all alone.  The Villa is so close to these breaks and most of the other surfers that come out to the East Cape have to travel from San Jose or Cabo San Lucas.  A lot of the time we can get the morning break all to ourselves by the time they drive out there.  Most of them leave well before night fall.  I have found that the last hour or two before sunset can be the best time with no wind and glassy conditions with most likely waves all to yourself.  Sunsets in the East Cape are the pretiest anywhere in the world in my opinion and being on your surfboard catching a wave while the rainbow colors of the sky go dark is breathtaking.